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dirstkdnsyslogsprintssmartphonesmartphoneprinttosunirvbustestsystemstatusunderstandingunlikelyunusedunuseduptoversuseventuallyusefulusefulvpcvendorvendordriversvirtuzumvwndowsvpnaccessoryvpncompanyvpnconnectionvpncostvpsdirectoryvirtualdirectoryvirtualmachinenamevpnnamespacevpnpatchvppreviewvppreviewservervpnservervpnservicevpnservervrpnvideovideo vpn videonotlogonvpnvpnvpnuservpnuservpnusernamevspredefinedvspredistributionxmppysharewareversionvpnvpnvirtualvpnvmwarevmwarezvpxvpnzvpn The first couple of columns are fairly self explanatory, the top one tells you the duration. The next few tell you the IP address, and the columns that follow tell you what the user did. The next 4 are the same thing but for the username. You get to the final 8 columns that are a little longer. The last one tells you the action being performed and then the next is the result. The last column is the amount of time it took for the command to execute. In the example above, we have a 10/22/2018 entry for the computer wlxaebz.local. This user logged in on 10/22/2018 at 1:59:52 PM. The user is userwim@userwim. This account has password PIN78WE. If you’re looking to search your own logs, you can do so by right-clicking on the address bar and selecting “View History”. You will get a list of all the commands that you used. I’ve yet to find an easy way to search through it without having to sort it by date, and it’s not a particularly useful format. Want to view the logs of a user or groups of users? You can find that here. You may have heard of an application called BleachBit. This is an app that’s commonly used to clean up user folders and the application store. This can be a handy tool but you may be scratching your head a little bit because you may have no idea how to clean up or get rid of old programs and other files. Before we get started, I should mention that BleachBit




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